Email Sharing Via JetPack & Social Sharing Toolkit


Recently a client forwarded an email from their host that pointed out a possible security breach in the popular sharing plugin JetPack for WordPress. The concern is with the email share function, spammers could use this function to send unsolicited bulk email via your website. Looking into this issue raised the question of why do […]

Share, Like, Tweet – WordPress Social Media Plugin Review

Social media concept

As a developer working with a variety clients on a variety of WordPress projects one thing continues to surface. Social Media Plugins It seems everyone has a different experience using a different plugin on a different system… just when I think I have found a solid solution that tests fine on a clients site, install […]

Website Consulting

After several years working in a wide variety of online development projects I must admit I have found some products better than others, purely my opinion but based on real world experience. WordPress, by far the favorite platform, has grown from a great way to launch a new site into a very capable development tool […]

Design & Development

To be an effective sales tool your website requires a combination of appearance and function. An attractive design and easy to use layout combined with the latest in smart web technology provides a base for a successful online presence.

Blogs & Social Media

Blogging and social media applications have become the modern way to reach out and interact with prospective clients or customers. Gone are the days of simply having your name and address on a site along with a few photos. Robust websites with real time communication and as-it-happens updates have become the tools of choice to […]

Membership Sites

Online membership sites can be developed to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications. Fee based sites allow you the flexibility to charge for access to information on your site. Members join and pay a fee, one time or scheduled, to gain access via username and password to selected information on your site. […]

WordPress Guru

A very powerful site development and publishing platform, WordPress has become a giant in the blogging world. An endless supply of themes and plugins provide a wealth of design and functionality. We have been using the WordPress platform to create stunning sites for several years. This experience allows us to work on enhancing existing WordPress […]

Optimization & Marketing

Optimization and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are terms used to describe methods of making your site look better to search engines and therefore improve your ranking and site visitors from search engines. Search engines use “spiders” or “crawlers” that constantly travel the web to find sites to display in their search results. Proper site optimization […]

Support & Admin Services

So you have a great site but need a little help with customer support or admin functions? We can help. Whether on an as required or daily or weekly basis we can customize a service agreement to meet your needs.